Fitness Center Architecture and Design

Brand, Finish specifications, and Perfect Spatial Planning can “make or break” a fitness center:

  • Branding
    We understand how crucial fostering your customers’ relationship with your brand is to your center’s success. Colors, lighting, signage, and furnishings can, with a single glance, communicate “who you are” to your clients. Let us work with you to create an interior that is unmistakably and uniquely yours. 
  • Finish Specifications
    By the very definition of their function fitness centers are subjected to a good deal of wear and tear. At TDS we design for the long-term by working tirelessly to understand your businesses’ environment, and then specifying cost-effective, beautiful, and durable finishes that promise your business will look good past opening day…
  • Spatial Planning
    Space comes at a premium so making the most of what you’ve got is paramount. Trust us to assess how space will be used in your project, and by whom, to come up with floor plans that maximize customer experience, and effectively squeeze the most out of every single sq. meter.

Thanks to a long standing relationship with the California WOW chain we’ve had the opportunity to create a series of globally recognized fitness centers throughout Southeast Asia and Australia: