Total Design Solutions

Southeast Asia’s Leading Interior Design and Architecture Firm


We are a medium to express our client’s ideas and wishes.

We translate our clients’ needs into creative interior designs.

The result is beauty, value, and efficiency.

Based in Bangkok, we at TOTAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS are proud of our extensive commercial and residential project experience, here and around the world.

  • Efficiency and Speed: Our team of designers is nimble and skilled at moving fast to get a project completed.  
  • Entire Scope of Services: Come to us with a concept and we’re able to carry it to completion, making your vision a reality. From conceptual drawings to punch-lists, TDS has extensive experience at each and every project phase.  
  • Local knowledge – Global outlook: Based in Bangkok, TDS is a team of “designers without borders.” We’re adept at working in various countries and have had untold success navigating multi-cultural work teams and foreign “red tape.”  
  • Design Customization: We have an in-house team of furniture designers who custom design and commission visionary upholstered and wood furnishings ensuring your fit-out is truly unique..

TDS services

  • Interior Design and Construction
  • Mechanical and Electrical System Design
  • Furniture Design & Production
  • Graphic Design


We specialize in the creation of memorable:

  • Office spaces
  • Health and Wellness facilities
  • Retail spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Residential interiors