Bangkok’s Top Interior Design Team

Managing Direction

Wanida Yensuk

As the Managing Director of Total Design Solutions, or TDS, I take great pride in our design firm’s unparalleled professionalism, our team’s technical experience and expertise, and our continuing innovation.

In countries around the world, we’ve been solving design challenges that result in beautiful and at the same time highly functional spaces. 

Over the years I’ve had experience working on every phase of some of the most complicated and exacting construction projects in the region; many were commercial, some residential, some were large, others quite tiny.

Professionally, I began as the Project Manager for a construction firm, called ICMS , working to build the World’s No. 1 Fitness Centers, California Wow. At that time we were using an overseas design company and I was responsible for reviewing all of the interior fit-out materials and finding local suppliers. From initial drawings to execution, I oversaw the mechanical work, electrical wiring and outfitting, which gave me on the job experience and led me back to Interior Design, my beloved field of study.

Sensing my passion for design and seeing the great demand in South East Asia for top-notch design professionals, ICMS supported me in establishing Total Design Solutions. Since that time, TDS has demonstrated special expertise in Commercial Project Design, particularly in the Fitness and Spa industries, office spaces, restaurant and retail.

I’m absolutely confident that we are the most capable, passionate and innovative design team working in South East Asia. The thing that sets us apart are our relationships with our clients—we are available to them 24/7 and I always personally oversee all phases of the project and am even out at the construction sites to make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Why do I love what I do?

“…I spent five years at university to become a professional Interior Architect and another 10 working on the construction side. I love using this knowledge and experience to educate and work with my clients to make sure they get exactly what they envision—to make their dreams a reality.

Whenever we have chance to talk our client and help them consider things they’d not thought of before…things that will save them time and money…coming up with solutions that will solve their problems…  and giving them something beautiful and livable…..well, this is why I love what I do. Anytime I see a client smile, it makes me very happy!

I’m inspired everywhere …. and all the time……..”


Senior Designer

Nuttawun Pisanporn

My passion for design began when I was young. Since I can remember, I would sketch everything as a way of remembering the things that inspired and interested me – from interesting buildings to beautiful houses.

When it came time for me to attend University and to choose an area of study, it was quite natural that I get my Bachelors in Interior Architecture Design at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang.

Now I’ve been with Total Design Solutions for more than seven years, and each day I have an opportunity to learn and see wonderful things. For me, the office is my second home, and at TDS we are family.

I specialize in designing fitness centers and spas and have experience working on projects all over the world.  No matter how complex the project, or how tight the deadline, my team supports me in making sure it gets done – on time, within budget and to our clients’ satisfaction. This is what makes TDS the best design firm in Asia. We never disappoint.

What’s my design philosophy:

“…I think inspiration is all around us. For people who remain open, and have vision — even though they may be looking at the same things as everyone else—they’ll see things differently, causing them to think differently—and this is what makes for innovative and moving design…”

Senior Designer

Mr. Chavaphon Sansuruttikul (Tum)

Interior Architecture is an incredible professional discipline because it is the point at which art and science intersect.  At Total Design Solutions, or TDS, we understand that good design is about aesthetics as well as function, physics, and mechanics.

After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang, I knew I wanted to work in the commercial design field because it provided the greatest challenges in terms of space and technical structure. That was over 9 years ago, and in the beginning I was given huge responsibilities in terms of working on multi-million dollar projects to make sure that all of the clients’ needs were addressed in the design plans and that these specifications were communicated and carried out at the construction site. This meant becoming an expert in how to properly put a building together—lighting, HVAC, space planning, furnishings, finishes, electrical and more.

It was during these years that I gained first-hand technical and mechanical experience and became confident in my ability to work with trade professionals from a number of various countries.

As I matured, my design focus evolved and it became more about the space and materials and creating a feeling and a mood—I now consider this my area of expertise; creating ambiance, an energy — and putting people in a certain frame of mind with my designs.

What makes TDS the leader in the Interior Architecture and Design industry?

“…Our team! We have the greatest team. We work together, play together and get tired together. We work in constant collaboration with one another and the stakeholders to make sure our clients are completely happy. We are technically brilliant and we’re artists at the same time. TDS is also my family. I have been working at TDS for my entire career because it really is the best design firm in the industry!”