•We are a medium to express our client’s ideas and wishes.
•We translate our clients’ needs into creative interior designs.
•The result is beauty, value, and efficiency. 

Based in Bangkok, we at TOTAL DESIGN SOLUTIONS are proud of our extensive commercial and residential project experience, here and around the world:

The Importance of Interior Design

When looking at Interior Design there’s always more than meets the eye . The importance of a good interior is as significant as that of the architectural structure. Both can either “make or break” the functionality, aesthetics and character of a space.

At TDS we recognize the importance of carefully planned interior design and work closely with our clients to create effective and engaging spaces.Each project we undertake is an individually styled process. By placing great attention to our clients’ needs we strive for optimum functionality, while incorporating the desired character and moood.

We create elegant and practical spaces for any purpose or service, making sure to give each project its own unique and individual look.